One of our projects is ‘Real Estate. The SGIL works on buildings, landscaping, hoarding/fencing, and plotting land as well as any physical property or improvements affixed to the land. The SGIL provides quality work and consultancy services for a competitive price.

Every year, many Singapore Gurkhas retire from service and mostly settle in Kathmandu and other major cities of Nepal. Similarly, Nepali citizens migrate to Kathmandu and other cities for better life. The SGIL services are trustworthy, supportive, and beneficial to those who need a trustworthy link to make them settle comfortably in unfamiliar and unaccustomed cities.

The SGIL is the best consultancy for the solution to invest in the desired pieces of land, civil engineering, and interior architecture. The SGIL is also happy to hand over the dream house key to their clients on their demand or find a house to rent, in addition to finding office space and set up an office.