Security Training and Services

The SGIL specializes in providing security training and resource world-class trained security officers to Nepal and overseas to companies. The SGIL Company is established by highly experienced, skilled, and professional officers, retired from Singapore Police Force. Our trainers have thorough knowledge and expertise in the security industry. We offer world-class training to interested individuals and provide skilled security officers to companies worldwide.

We offer the following Level 1, 2, and 3 Security Training:

Level 1

The Basic Security Training (BST) covers the general subjects of private security. The individuals trained with Level 1 are fit to be deployed as normal security guards at the shopping centers, offices, car parks, hospitals, residential security, etc.

Level 2

Intermediate Level Security Training (ILST). They will be fully trained on baton, khukuri, shotgun, Unarmed Combat (UC), etc., They are eligible to be deployed at financial sectors i.e., finance cooperative office, banks, and key installation.

Level 3

Advance Level Security Training (ALST) is the highest level of security training we provide. The candidates will be fully trained in firearms, tactics, searching procedures, Unarmed Combat (UC), First Aid, reporting system, Surveillance System, etc.  They can be deployed at the casino, clubs, and VIP protection.