About US

  • The Sing Gurkha Investment Limited (SGIL) is a multi-sector and mission-oriented investment company registered under the Nepal Government Company Act 2063.
  • A group of retired and on-service Singapore Gurkha Police Officers established the SGIL in the year 2021 with the principle of ‘Invest our savings into our Company’. The SGIL is led by the 21st-century business modality concept. Therefore, the SGIL has initiated a wider range of business opportunities and collective investment business strategies to investors.
  • The Singapore Gurkha Saving & Credit Co-operative Limited (SGSCCOL) is also operated by the same group of shareholders. The SGIL is working together with SGSCCOL and providing mutual support to make it financially sustainable.
  • Furthermore, the same group of investors is operating a well-facilitated and modern healthcare center, ‘The Singapore Gurkha Polyclinic Limited’ (SGPL), located at Nakhipot, Lalitpur.  The SGPL is providing world-class medical services to Gurkha Community and the general public since 2012 AD